• Nov 09, 15
  • Priscilla.Caldwell

Each year in the United States more than 10 million men and women are physically abused by an intimate partner. Domestic violence is a crisis that impacts every community in America, yet in many areas there is a tragic lack of resources designed to empower and support victims. What's more, this is a topic that is all too often stigmatized and lingers in the shadow of taboo. We are so lucky to have a passionate network of advocates here in Williamsburg. Hardly a day goes by without donations and volunteers coming through our doors. The generosity of our community is a source of inspiration that constantly humbles us. Without the donations, volunteer hours, and resources of our supporters we would not be able to serve the families of Williamsburg in the way we do. 

Recenlty, the staff of Lowe’s #632 (located at 801 East Rochambeau Drive) contacted us with an amazing offer. As part of the Lowe’s Heroes Program, the store was willing to spend an entire day helping us with our most urgent renovation projects. We were so relieved to be given such a generous opportunity, and several priorities immediately came to mind. We needed a new gate to secure the fence enclosing our campus, and a pathway constructed between two of our buildings. In addition, we needed fresh paint inside some of our shelter spaces, and a new grill to replace a worn and rusted relic. These improvements would give our residents a greater sense of safety, security, and comfort when staying with Avalon. We were absolutely floored when Lowe’s agreed to help us with every single project on our list. Their sheer generosity took us by surprise. Just a few days later our campus was filled with dozens of Lowe’s home improvement volunteers. There was an excitement in the air as equipment was unpacked from trucks and the crew began to break out their tools. We were amazed by the dedication of each and every one of those men and women. They tirelessly worked from the morning until the evening, scurrying from project to project and collaborating to get each task finished. The work the Lowe’s Heroes were able to complete for us in just one day would have easily taken us weeks to complete by ourselves. 

More amazing still, the volunteers were humble and happy to serve. On several occasions we stopped the Lowe’s crew to thank them, but each time they just expressed how happy they were to be able to support the work we do. They weren’t motivated by thanks or accolades, but rather by the desire to ensure that the women of Williamsburg have the shelter they deserve. At the end of the day they left behind some beautiful and sturdy improvements that are sure to last for many years. We are so grateful for everything the Lowe’s Heroes have done for us. This experience serves as another reminder that our work for the past 35 years has only been made possible through the help of our passionate supporters.

Since Avalon was founded in 1979, we have strived to provide a safe space for the women and children of our community. One of the key ways we serve victims is through our emergency shelter and transitional housing. These resources provide women with a sanctuary to recover, grow, and move forward. Maintaining our shelter facilities is essential to the work that we do here at Avalon—and we are always looking for ways to improve the comfort and security of our residents. Moreover, we rely on volunteers and partners in the community to help us improve and sustain the safe space that our residents deserve. 

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