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Each year, Avalon provides shelter and support to more than 1,200 people who have experienced domestic and sexual violence.
Can you help?  Yes, you can! By sponsoring our event, you will help provide safety and services for survivors in our community.

A Wine Tour de France for Avalon

Explore the wines of France matched with delicious dishes selected and prepared by our gracious host, Le Yaca French Restaurant.

Sunday, May 20, 2018, 4 until 6 o’clock in the evening.

Become a Sponsor

Crystal            $5,000
En chateau     $3,000
La table          $1,000

Crystal $5,000

Like the finest Riedel glasses, this sponsor is the single top sponsor.
This top sponsor will be featured first and foremost in every mention of the event in all media on all channels.  This sponsor will also receive 6 tickets to the wine tasting, 2 tickets to an exclusive dinner for thirty featuring wines from a mystery cellar and menu developed by Chef Daniel Abid, on-site signage before and during the event,and features in all promotions including social media, website, newsletters, invitations, announcements, media and printed programs.

En chateau     $3,000

Wines produced by the magnificent and historic estates of France.
These sponsors will be prominently featured in the program and in all mentions of the event.  En Chateau sponsors will receive 4 tickets to the wine tasting and prominent features in all promotions, such as social media, website, newsletters, invitations, announcements, media and printed programs.

La Table $1,000

Delightful table wines found in the villages throughout France.These sponsors will be featured in the program and in all mentions of the event. Also, these sponsors will receive 2 tickets to the wine tasting and will be featured in all promotions, such as social media, website, newsletters, invitations, announcements, media and printed programs.

Connoisseurs $500

Sponsorships at the $500 level will be recognized on site at the event, on our website, and in the Avalon newsletter.


To become a sponsor now, complete this form or send in the attached form with a check payable to Avalon. Thank you!

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Attend An Event

Wine Tour de France

You can sponsor Avalon's signature event -  a Wine Tour de France for Avalon, helping to defray costs and raise vital funds we need to be able to continue to provide shelter, education and support to the community.



Wine Tour de France
Register now for: Sunday, May 20, 2018

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Testimonial 11

"The help from the staff was exceptionally well. Everyone was professional, knowledgeable and helpful. The service from this organization is great!"

Testimonial 12

"The positive experiences I had with the program is the grounding techniques and the ability to focus and understand who I am as an individual a person. That my past does not define me."

Testimonial 10

"I was able to have a clean safe environment and meet others that are in similar situation letting me know I am not alone. My needs and concerns were met promptly and I was treated with dignity and respect."

Testimonial 9

Staff welcomed me back without "shaming" me for having to come back."

Testimonial 8

"I came in with nothing- no home- no money- no shelter at all. I left with a job, food and my very own apartment. Thanks to Avalon!"

Testimonial 7

"The positive experience I have had with Avalon and the services they offered me is the interaction that I now have with me. I am able to love me and love others. To be able to interact with other women in my life and around me. Seeing the beauty in women and their strength. I am an overcomer and Avalon helped me to own and claim that."

Testimonial 6

"The shelter assisted my family with a safe environment to reside while moving forward with our lives. Staff has always been helpful when needed and my children participate in the programs available to them. I was an all around good experience for us."

Testimonial 3

I really have no idea what I could have done if Avalon didn’t accept me or exist.

Testimonial 2

Without Avalon’s shelter… I probably would have stayed in the relationship because I had no where else to go. This seems to be the trend for women who are abused. I may have lost my life.

Testimonial 1

I usually do not talk to anyone about our problems at home and I just plow through the crappy part and try to forget it. But coming here I just got a break and talking to your staff just let me get my frustrations out and vent my fears… Thank you for listening and thank you for allowing us to stay in a protected space.

Testimonial 5

"When I "messed up" one time, they were not judgmental, they helped me. I give all the praise in world. They believed in me and gave me a second chance."

Testimonial 4

"I thank God each and every day for Avalon and their staff, for God only knows where I would be today without Avalon."


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